Seven Metallic Dip Powder Shades You Must Try for an Exquisite Manicure

A dip powder manicure is fun. Nugenesis dip colors come in various shades. However, the most attractive is the metallic colors that lend the perfect shine to your nails and make them nails look gorgeous. Metallic colors are available in exciting shades, each of which looks beautiful. Let us discuss seven stunning metallic dip powder colors that add to your fashion quotient.

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

The golden metallic gives a rich look

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

Golden is the first metallic color that comes to mind when selecting metallic dip colors. Nugenesis offers the most beautiful golden colors to make your nails look rich and sophisticated. You can go for the pure Gold Dust shade or opt for the dip and lacquer gel combo. Either way, your nail manicure looks gorgeous. The Lucky Penny golden shade is another favorite with people because these color combinations match their gold jewelry perfectly. (more…)

Trendy Glitter Gel Nail Kits in 2022

Look no further than glitter nails to turn everyone’s head toward you. No matter what the occasion is, glitter nails don’t fail to add a festive look to your overall appearance. From famous celebrities to the girl next to your desk, all have once opted for a glitter nail polish look.

Trendy Glitter Gel Nail Kits in 2022

And when gel nails overtook the nail industry, the nail enthusiasts started to think if they could have glitter gel nails with gel nail polish. Thankfully, there are several glitter gel nail polish colors to do the chore. You can apply glitter powder to your gel nails or use a sponge to dab the glitter over your freshly painted gel nails. The good news is you can either go for hard gel nails or soft gel nails with gel glitter polish. But before creating your state-of-the-art glitter nail look, you must know the difference between hard gel nails and soft gel nails.

Hard Gel Vs Soft Gel Nails Vs Gel Polish

Hard gel is a lightweight material that is also strong and long-lasting. Because of its tightly woven structure, it cannot be removed with acetone. It is also odorless, hypoallergenic, and pregnancy-safe. On the other hand, soft gel nails are not extensions and are painted the same way as any classic nail polish. However, for hardening, they need UV rays or LED light. (more…)

Different Types of Healthy Gel Polish You Should Know

Any nail polish, be it gel, acrylic, or dip powder, is made of chemicals. Though the top manufacturing brands take extreme care not to include harmful chemicals, you cannot say the same about the cheap nail polish brands available on the market. As a purchaser, one should be aware of what constitutes healthy gel polish. Therefore, you should know the ingredients that go into manufacturing high-quality gel polish.

Is Making Non-toxic Polish Possible?

Honestly, no way anyone can produce chemical-free nail polish because nail polish is all about mixing various chemicals in the manufacturing process. However, you can look for gel polish brands with comparatively fewer toxic chemicals. So, 100% non-toxic polish is not yet a reality. However, today’s nail polish qualifies as non-toxic because it is free of highly harmful chemicals. Manufacturers name them 3-free, 5-free, 7-free, 10-free, or 12-free, depending on the number of toxic substances the nail polish is free from.

Healthy Gel Polish

Let us now dissect what each of these terms signifies. Simultaneously, we shall discuss the harmful effects of toxic chemicals on your LDS nails.


Tattoo Inspiration and Some Tips for Young Girls and Boys

Tattoos are often associated with the bad boy or tough girl, but this is a misconception. Tattoos can be an art form, and they’re for everyone! This article will teach you about what tattoos mean, why people get them, and how to find your own personal meaning in artwork. The first step is deciding if it’s right for you; we’ll give some pros and cons of getting a tattoo so that you can make the decision on your own!

Tattoo Inspiration and Some Tips

Pros and Cons of Getting a Tattoo

Before getting a tattoo, all the youngsters should know about the pros and cons so, here we go:


  • Tattoos are stylish! Many celebrities have tattoos representing their favorite band, movie character, or sports team
  • They’re fairly inexpensive. If you’re looking to save some money, shops are all over the place that offer tattoo services. The price will vary based on size, detail, color, etc.
  • Tattoos are permanent! Unlike school dances or summer camps, they’ll last forever. Once it’s inked under your skin, it’s there for life.


  • They can be painful! Some people have described getting a tattoo as “excruciatingly painful.” It depends on where you get it and how much pain tolerance you have.
  • Remember, tattoos are permanent! They won’t fade away if you don’t like them anymore – but they can be removed with laser surgery. This process is expensive and painful, however.
  • Tattoos can be a pain to cover up! If you have a job that requires a certain dress code, you might not want to get lots of tattoos. You may need to plan ahead for this one.

Where to Find Your Inspiration?

A tattoo isn’t just ink under your skin: it’s something that has deep significance to who you are as a person. It might represent an important event in your life, like getting married or graduating from school. It might be the name of someone you love or a symbol that represents your group of friends or family. Some people get tattoos as an act of rebellion against authority figures, while others believe them to be beautiful works of art.

Whatever you choose, make sure it has deep significance for who you are! If you don’t have any ideas yet, take some time to think about what means most to you in life and why, that’s probably where your inspiration will come from! Once the inspiration is all gathered up and you have made your mind about the design, you can get it inked on your body. If you want to get creative and want to give a more personalized touch to the tattoo, just find yourself one of the best tattoo kits for beginners and DIY the tattoo. This kit will be helpful as it contains all the necessary tools for tattooing. This will assist you bring your inspiration into reality by using your own creativity. You can also contact a tattoo artist to discuss your vision and style. (more…)

How to Buy Genuine OPI Gel Color Polish?

OPI nail polish is a premium nail polish from the US, this is the number 1 nail care and beauty cosmetic brand in this country. It is because of the brand value, quality of products as well as their class that OPI nail polish in general and OPI gel color polish in particular have become famous brands voted by the whole world in the field of nail polish.

How to Buy Genuine OPI Gel Color Polish

Here, let’s find out how genuine OPI nail polish is, its quality, besides that, let’s discover how to buy gel polish OPI!

Why Is OPI Gel Nail Polish so Trusted?

Highlights of OPI Gel Nail Polish

This is a very unique nail care and beauty product line with smooth and glossy paint and vibrant colors, this gel polish shows the class of its users so it is a nail gel polish. Luxury is trusted by the world’s leading women. (more…)

The Importance of CC Cream and Its Benefits for a Variety of Skin Types

CC cream or ‘color corrector’ cream is a term most of us are familiar with. It is a widely used product and a lot of people have made it an essential part of their makeup routine. It is a very useful product and no doubt, its popularity is rightly justified.

The Importance of CC Cream and Its Benefits

Talking about the uses, this product provides a number of benefits which we’ll discuss in detail here. So let’s see why you should also start using a BB cream and what wonderful results it has to offer for you.

Why you should go for a CC cream

A CC cream should be a part of everyone’s makeup routine and here are the reasons for it:

  1. It gives an even and flawless look.
  2. Unlike an ordinary foundation, it is lightweight. It does not give a heavy makeup look, rather it glides on the skin smoothly, giving an airy, light and casual look.
  3. Helps in covering the flaws of your skin.
  4. Makes skin look bright and attractive.
  5. Moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and nourished.
  6. It is non occlusive so does not affect the skin cells.

Benefits of CC cream for different skin types

CC cream is a product that people with every skin type and tone can use. It offers amazing benefits and must be tried at least once. Here are the perks of using a CC cream on different skin types.

For acne prone skin

Acne prone skin is known to have bumps and textures of the acne marks. It is also prone to exhibit uneven as well as patchy skin. Trying out the best CC cream for acne can help you out with a lot of problems you are facing. It will cover up all the acne bumps and pimples. Also, it is great to reduce swelling and redness which is common for acne prone skin. (more…)

LDS Dipping Powder Nails & Its Famous “French White”

When you want to choose for yourself an elegant and beautiful nail design, think of white nail designs. With the bright and sharp shades, your hands will absolutely stand out. This is an easy nail design, suitable for all skin types regardless of white or dark skin. A special feature of white nail models is that it can be easily transformed and creative, whether it is short or long nail shape, no matter what age you are and what circumstances, it is always suitable to your choice, because it is extremely delicate and elegant. Let LDS dipping powder color be your companion to create the most special nail set for you.

LDS Dipping Powder Nails & Its Famous “French White”

LDS Dipping Powder Nails

LDS color is an advanced product line with many outstandingly improved technologies, this product line belongs to Lavis Dip System, surely recently you are no longer strange to Lavis nail System products. LDS dipping powder nails have amazing durability! you can enjoy from 21 and even more than 31 days without chipping and peeling out. Ensure your nails are beautiful for a long time while also creating a foundation for natural nail growth with many good nutrients for nails. Now, your nails are not only beautiful but also strong, this beauty and durability is truly amazing and not temporary like nails using poor quality nail dip products. You can customize freely without any fear of damaging your nails’ condition. Also, the “French white” LDS dipping powder color is simply beautiful product without efforts. “French Manicure” is also acknowledged for its natural, classy ​​and fashionable look. It’s perfect and suitable for all occasions. (more…)

How to Get Darker Skin Overnight?

Are you looking for a way to get a dark tan instantly? Many products help you get darker skin without taking an entire day to show the result. In this article, we will share the information you need to get darker skin, even in winter, instantly.

How to Get Darker Skin Overnight

There are products like self-tanning lotions and natural ingredients which can darken skin fast or even overnight. Let’s discuss how to get darker skin even in winter.

Prepare the Skin to Get a Dark Tan

Before following any method to get darker skin, you should prepare the skin. Without preparation, the tanned skin can look uneven.


You should shave the entire body to get a darker skin tan that looks unnatural or uneven. An unshaven body won’t be able to get proper tanning results. When you shave the body, the dark pigments will get removed with the unwanted hair.


You should exfoliate the skin to remove any oil, dirt, or makeup, which can block the tanning process. If you don’t exfoliate the skin, the darker tan will not appear even and natural.


Take a shower 15 minutes before starting the tanning process. You will get a darker and long-lasting tan when the body is clean and fresh.

How to Get Dark Fast?

Have you ever wondered how to get dark fast? So here is your query answered. Various self-tanning lotions are particularly created to give a natural-looking dark tan. Don’t buy a tanning lotion that is more than 2 shades darker than natural skin. The tanning lotions will take more than 12 hours to give a darker tan.

Tanning lotions are the best product to provide a dark tan that doesn’t look like an orange or unnatural tan. You don’t have to go through tanning bed sessions to get darker skin. Moreover, tanning lotions won’t damage your skin. You should buy a separate tanner for the face. The self-tanner should be non-comedogenic. (more…)

The Uniqueness of OPI Gel Nail Polish Colors

OPI nail polish is a unique nail polish that offers exquisite products to gel lovers. OPI has a long-standing reputation for creating beautiful nail polish colors. OPI nails provides long-lasting Shine, about three weeks and is sure to step up your nail game.

OPI nail polish is also called GelColor Soak-off Gel Lacquer. Gel manicure is synonymous with coats of colored gel that are similar to nail polish. However, it has a thin formula designed for a glossier finish and high performance, unlike regular nail polish.

What is the Difference Between Gel Nails and Acrylic Nails?

If you follow trends about nail manicures, shapes, and designs, you’ll agree that gel nails are different from acrylic. They last longer and are unique. One significant difference between the two is in the curing process. You have to cure the gel color for gel nail polish and cause it to set by placing your nails under an LED light. (more…)

How to Remove DND Gel Polish Colors from Your Nails Safely

Gel polish enhances the overall attraction quotient, especially as it allows you to experiment with the wide range of colors available on show. Daisy DND gel polish are available in myriad shades where you need not repeat a shade in your life. While applying gel polish can be easy, removing it can pose challenges. This blog details the procedure you should follow at home to remove gel polish without damaging your fingernails.

Remove DND Gel Polish at Home

Resist the temptation of picking at your nail polish layer

As you ease into the fourth week of your gel manicure, you can experience the mail polish layer lifting off the nail bed. The temptation to remove the raised layer by picking at it will be great, but you should not fall for the temptation. You could end up injuring your nails. It could take more than a couple of months to recover from such damage. It is better to follow the correct removal procedure for DND gel polish and lacquer.