Eyes & Lips

Yonka Nutri-Contour: Wrinkle Prevention (15ml)

This anti-free radical cream is rich in antioxidant vitamins.

Price: $52.00

Features & Benefits: Prevents dryness in the eye contour and the the lip area, Provides nourishment and protection for the delicate eye and lip area , Helps diminish the appearance of expression lines, Offers excelent anit-free radical protection thanks to Vitamins E, F, and PP , Becomes a nourishing eye mask when mixed with Hydratant 60.
Usage Instruction: In the morning apply a thin layer onto the eye contour area with a patting motion, and apply directly to the lip area and rub in. Follow with face moisturizer.
Key Ingredients: 23% botanical extracts including: Hazelnut oil, Chamomile, Essential oils of peppermint, Vitamin E, F, PP, Citric Acid.

Yonka Phyto-Contour: for Puffiness and Dark Circles (15ml)

This delicate cream works deep down on the eyelids to produce an immediate sensation of freshness.

Price: $52.00

Features & Benefits: Visibly helps firming to reduce puffiness and fine lines, Works to fight off under eye bumps (milia) and dark circles , Helps give the eye area a visible lift, Lymphatic drainage movements accelerate best results To create an intensely nourishing treatment, mix it with Nutri-Contour, Gives a cooling, soothing feeling to the eye area.
Usage Instructions: Apply a very small amount to the eye contour area morning and night after cleansing and toning. Not for lips.
Key Ingredients: 8% rosemary extracts, Essential oils of Lavender, thyme, rosemary, cypress and geranium, Hazelnut oil, Beech (rich in amino acids), Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.

Alpha-Contour: Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Lip Contour (15ml)

This gentle gel is an avant-garde technology gel to insure the utmost avoidance against the aging process.

Price: $47.50

Features & Benefits: A superb hydrating, anti-wrinkle treatment for the eyes and lips, Helps the elimination of aging cells, Replenishes moisture to skin, Works to actively reduce frown lines” and brow furrows, Becomes an regenerating and hydrating mask when mixed with Nutri-Contour , Becomes a firming treatment when mixed with 1-2 drops of Galbol 90.
Usage Instruction: Apply in the evening on clean face and neck. Use very sparingly around the eye contour and lip area.
Key Ingredients: 3% extracts of bilberry, sugarcane, maple, orange and lemon dosed with 0.5% of pure AHA’s including: Glycolic, lactic, citric and tartaric, Urea, marine proteins, chamomile, Essential oils of mint and lavender.