Welcome to EM Luxury Spa

Consider your choice. Going to the spa, dealing with the commute, traffic, waiting, changing, feeling like a number not a person, non-customised treatments, personal sensitivity around others post-treatment, pressure to leave when starting to relax, and the commute home.

Or having the spa come to you… After finishing a delicious lunch there is a knock at the door. The spa has arrived and you prepare for the incredible treatment you are about to receive. As the treatment begins you quickly feel very relaxed, peaceful, and in a state of complete bliss. After your customised treatment concludes you feel light and refreshed. Now you have the choice to do whatever you please in the comfort and warmth of your own home. Maybe a nice long bath, or a dip in the hot tub, a light siesta, or perhaps even a glass of wine whilst reading your favourite book.

EM Luxury Spa is an exclusive spa that delivers exemplary services in the privacy of our clients’ locations, wherever they may be. Many of our clients are high profile celebrities, politicians, royalty and Vancouver’s Elite who trust our guarantee of complete confidentiality.

Experience the ultimate luxuries with fine bedding, 1,000 count Egyptian cotton sheets, 100% silk blankets, custom organic blended essential oils, advanced skin and body treatments. Bringing the best from Beverly Hills to Vancouver.