How to Buy Genuine OPI Gel Color Polish?

OPI nail polish is a premium nail polish from the US, this is the number 1 nail care and beauty cosmetic brand in this country. It is because of the brand value, quality of products as well as their class that OPI nail polish in general and OPI gel color polish in particular have become famous brands voted by the whole world in the field of nail polish.

How to Buy Genuine OPI Gel Color Polish

Here, let’s find out how genuine OPI nail polish is, its quality, besides that, let’s discover how to buy gel polish OPI!

Why Is OPI Gel Nail Polish so Trusted?

Highlights of OPI Gel Nail Polish

This is a very unique nail care and beauty product line with smooth and glossy paint and vibrant colors, this gel polish shows the class of its users so it is a nail gel polish. Luxury is trusted by the world’s leading women.

OPI gel colors nail polish is a line of top quality gel nail polishes in nail protection, it is supplemented with beneficial ingredients to nourish each cell of the nail to help strengthen nails and color when applied to nails. will be as standard as possible.

OPI gel nails collection with more than 140 diverse colors, allowing you to freely choose to suit each style and your personality.

Uses of OPI Gel Nail Polish!

Giving customers luxurious, delicate and extremely attractive nail sets with a variety of color tones, the nails after finishing will be very beautiful and difficult to peel off. You can be completely assured because your nails can last at least 21 days and even more than 31 days if you take good care of them.

OPI nail polish has a very good nail care effect, enhances the beauty of your hands, gives you a beautiful, hot, unique nail set so you can be comfortable and confident when communicating and expressing yourself. the lightness, charm and elegance of a woman.

In addition, OPI gel color also contains nutrients that protect nails, prevent nails from turning yellow and have a very high gloss, so you can skip the polish if you don’t have time.

Because of its popularity, OPI’s product lines cannot avoid being faked a lot, small merchants mass-produce fake goods and then sell them on the market at low prices with so many promotions. If you do not find out carefully, you will easily be deceived and buy the wrong OPI gel polish. Note, OPI gel nail polish is only really good and optimal quality when you choose the right product from OPI, if you buy a fake one, it will not only make the nail polish color bad but also affect your nails and health. your health. So, how to buy genuine OPI gel color polish?

How to Buy Genuine OPI Gel Color Polish?

To buy genuine OPI gel polish colors, you need to clearly understand the factors to distinguish real and fake OPI gel paint!

OPI Nail Gel Smell

Although both real OPI gel polish and fake OPI gel polish have an acidic smell, the real one will have a much more pleasant smell, the fake one has a stronger smell and can make you dizzy.

OPI Gel Nail Polish Bottle Cap

Genuine OPI gel nail polish will have a high-quality plastic bottle cap, it is pure white and glossy, not yellowish white and poor quality like fakes.

Logo of OPI Gel Colors

The O.P.I logo printed on the genuine OPI paint bottle will have bold, clear and larger text than the fake, with perfect font. And of course, with low quality, the color of fake nail polish is completely different from the real one.

OPI Bottle Inner Cap

The inner cap of the original OPI gel nail polish bottle will have a serrated edge, thick edges. Meanwhile, the inside of the cap of the OPI gel nail polish bottle will have a solid cap with thin edges.

OPI Gel Color’s Price

In terms of price, with outstanding quality and world-class brand value, OPI is certainly more expensive than other gel nail polish brands on the market, but the price goes hand in hand with the quality. guarantee you will be extremely satisfied with OPI gel nails.

Final Thought

We have just shared with you guys the information about the very famous OPI nail polish in the world today. Hopefully the above information will be useful to those of you who are looking to buy OPI gel color nail polish without encountering fake products.