Seven Metallic Dip Powder Shades You Must Try for an Exquisite Manicure

A dip powder manicure is fun. Nugenesis dip colors come in various shades. However, the most attractive is the metallic colors that lend the perfect shine to your nails and make them nails look gorgeous. Metallic colors are available in exciting shades, each of which looks beautiful. Let us discuss seven stunning metallic dip powder colors that add to your fashion quotient.

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

The golden metallic gives a rich look

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

Golden is the first metallic color that comes to mind when selecting metallic dip colors. Nugenesis offers the most beautiful golden colors to make your nails look rich and sophisticated. You can go for the pure Gold Dust shade or opt for the dip and lacquer gel combo. Either way, your nail manicure looks gorgeous. The Lucky Penny golden shade is another favorite with people because these color combinations match their gold jewelry perfectly.

The silver finish is a beautiful one

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

While golden is ideal for all skin tones, fair-skinned people can try the silver metallic finish to look beautiful. The silver metallic shade is exquisite because it allows you to experiment with different hues, from grey to white. The Silver of silver is the favorite of all, but some women love the Snow white metallic hue because of its sheer classical look. Also, with many people wearing platinum rings and diamonds, the silver metallic finish complements their jewelry choices beautifully.

The titanium finish is ideal for the younger folk

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

Younger women love to experiment with different jewelry. They wear platinum and titanium bracelets and rings that do not perfectly complement the golden metallic nails. So, the best option for such women is the titanium or the darker grey metallic finish. These colors look as shiny as granite and enhance the overall manicure to the next level of beauty. You can try the Scary Night shade or the Double Trouble color from the Nugenesis dip powder color chart to choose the ideal combination.

The purple shades look heavenly

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

Usually, gold, silver, and titanium are people’s favorites when choosing metallic colors. But, the purple shades are equally beautiful, especially when you match your dip powder manicure with the perfect glittering attire. Your nails shine beautifully, making you the center of attraction at any party. In addition, you get an excellent choice of colors, from light purple to dark violet. These colors are also known as floral tones because various flowers are available in this color range.

Wait until you try the red metallic hues

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

No one can discount the red metallic hues because of their sheer beauty and glamour quotient. The red metallic shades match your ruby rings and other gemstones you wear on your bangles to make you look rich and attractive. People love the red metallic dip powder manicures during weddings because it is the perfect contrast to glittering white wedding dresses. Besides, the red nails match your lipstick and rouge makeup to look beautiful.

The brown metallic colors are perfect for all skin tones

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

People are conscious of their skin tones when they choose metallic dip powder finish on their nails. The best choice is the brown metallic shade because it suits all skin tones beautifully. Nugenesis offers an exciting range of brown colors, from light creamy brown to dark chocolate shades, according to the individual’s choice. My Boyfriend’s Back is one of the best brown metallic dip powder colors in the Nugenesis dip powder color chart. The lighter shade Wicked is also perfect for people with wheatish skin color.

Go for the pink metallic if you love innocence

Seven Most Attractive Metallic Dip Powder Shades

Pink metallic hues are perfect for expectant and new mothers. This color looks excellent because of the innocence that pinks bring with them. Nugenesis offers the most exquisite range of pink metallic shades, from the light peach colors to the darker rouge combos. The beauty of pink metallic is that they are perfect for an ombre look where you can have a beautiful color combination with reds. Most women prefer glittering pinks because they offer the necessary gloss to make your nails look radiant and glowing.

Wrap it Up

Metallic dip powder is beautiful on your nails because of its sheer class. However, Nugenesis is the best choice because of its extensive range of color options. Each metallic shade has the stamp of elegance as you become the center of attraction wherever you go. So, it does not matter whether you are at a board meeting or waltzing around with your partner on the dance floor. These metallic hues shine beautifully.

So, what are you waiting for? Have the best Nugenesis dip colors and exhibit your exotic nails on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. No wonder you are the star of the show.