Trendy Glitter Gel Nail Kits in 2022

Look no further than glitter nails to turn everyone’s head toward you. No matter what the occasion is, glitter nails don’t fail to add a festive look to your overall appearance. From famous celebrities to the girl next to your desk, all have once opted for a glitter nail polish look.

Trendy Glitter Gel Nail Kits in 2022

And when gel nails overtook the nail industry, the nail enthusiasts started to think if they could have glitter gel nails with gel nail polish. Thankfully, there are several glitter gel nail polish colors to do the chore. You can apply glitter powder to your gel nails or use a sponge to dab the glitter over your freshly painted gel nails. The good news is you can either go for hard gel nails or soft gel nails with gel glitter polish. But before creating your state-of-the-art glitter nail look, you must know the difference between hard gel nails and soft gel nails.

Hard Gel Vs Soft Gel Nails Vs Gel Polish

Hard gel is a lightweight material that is also strong and long-lasting. Because of its tightly woven structure, it cannot be removed with acetone. It is also odorless, hypoallergenic, and pregnancy-safe. On the other hand, soft gel nails are not extensions and are painted the same way as any classic nail polish. However, for hardening, they need UV rays or LED light.

Both gel nail treatments can last up to 3 to 4 weeks and are cured in the same way with UV rays. The removal process is different, soft gel nails require soaking off gel nails into acetone whereas the hard gel nails require buffing and filing the hard gel to loosen the gel onto natural nails.

Gel polish applies the thinnest layers compared to other gels, and because of this, it doesn’t provide any strength to the natural nail. It’s just a long-lasting, smudge-proof nail color. You can paint your nails by using any glitter gel nail polish of your desired color. Rest assured, you have a UV or LED lamp for curing the look.

Some Trendy Glitter Gel Polish Brands worth Trying in 2022

FINEST Gel Nail Polish

Create any shimmery nail look with this glitter gel nail polish. It remains on the nails for up to 15 days and even more. It takes 30-60 seconds to cure under an LED lamp and 2-4 mins under a UV lamp.

Beetles Boujee Glitter Gel Polish Set

If you are a nail enthusiast or a nail technician, look no further than this highly pigmented set with heavy gel glitter. This set includes all things needed for creating a glossy and glitter gel nail look. With  high gold silver glitter, light pink glitter, and purple-green glitter gel nail kits, beautifying nails isn’t a mystery any more.

Kiara Sky Glitter Gel polish

When you want to add a little glitter to your glam, use pink, white, and silver to set the tone. A dash of glitz is all you need to complement this chunky, matte glitter.

OPI Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter fans, rejoice! OPI has introduced six new multi-dimensional shimmer shades, and these new multi-dimensional shades are as enduring as our love of all things glitter! Create everything you need to know about the new multi-dimensional metallic, including how to wear sparkles and what to wear this summer.

DIY Glitter Gel Manicure

First, The basics. File your nails and trim them to your desired length. Use a gel cleanser to wipe excessive oil from your nails. Give 30 seconds of air drying. Now coming to the main application, take a base coat and apply a thin coat on each nail. be careful during application so that gel does not get on skin around the nails. It’s necessary to avoid gloopy bits of gel hanging off your nails. Use an orange stick to wipe excessive gel around nails.

Now, select your favorite color and polish each nail with it. While gel is still tacky. Sprinkle or dab glitter over your nails.make sure. Product spreads evenly on your nails.dust out excessive glitter by slightly blowing it off. Keep your nail painted hands under UV rays to cure. You can apply a thin layer of topcoat, though optional. However, to get a seamless glitter nail, better to go for applying a thick layer of topcoat. Also you may have to use gel cleanser to prevent uneven tips.


To get your favorite glitter gel nail job, ayou should pay attention to every little detail to avoid lumps of glitter accumulating on nails. Besides that, excessive use of any nail treatment can harm your natural nails. So give your nails some Me Time( not polishing them) to provide them oxygen.