Kiarasky Gel Polish Review

There is nothing disappointing as spending a lot of your time on the nails and then you realize that they have started chipping off. The time you used to get such a perfect manicure could have been used to do something else. Think about the kind of manicure that gets messed up by only opening a can of soda. All your efforts would be lost and you would be left looking like you just crawled from the grave. Is this the case with Kiara gel polish?

Many customers have testified to the fact that they always thought they will never get the kind of manicure they wanted. However, Kiara Sky gel polish came to prove them wrong by giving them that perfect finish that everyone longs for and at the same time lasting even longer than they expected. It is very hard for your nails to be done over and over again every time they chip off. If the only polish that is available is the kind that chips off when you wash your hands, you will be having the hardest time ever.

Kiara sky gel polish

What Is So Special About This Polish?

Unlike many of the gel polishes, Kiarasky has been said to be one of the best polishes in the market. the type of manicure that you get from Kiarasky gel polish will last for a very long time hence saving you the time and energy as well as the money that you can use to visit the nail salon every time. This kind of nail polish only works in 2 to 3 steps making it rather easy to apply than most of the other gel polishes. Moreover, its removal is easy because it is just a soak off formula that you can always change after a number of weeks if you want to have another polish. Moreover, this polish contains so many colours that you can choose from. There are colour changing Kiarasky brands that will always leave you fascinated. You will also realize that the polish will not thicken or even yellow over time. It has no odour hence you will not be irritated when applying it.

What Is The Total Number Of Colors To Choose?

You will realize that Kiara Sky gel polish has so many colours that you will always have a wide variety of choices. It has the temperature sensitive hues and shiny gel ombre that change in colour whenever the body temperature changes. These hues are available in form of shimmer, glitter and cream. This collection has a total of 50 colours that you will be fascinated to choose from. This polish also contains 15 colours with over 150 diverse hues of 6 different types which include shimmer, pearl, neon, holo, glitter and cream. This is the wide variety of colours with the collection being the best for everyone. There will always be that colour that will fascinate you.

How Does It Work?

The use of this colour gel is rather easy than any other polish. The base colours are mixed together to form one layer that you can easily apply without thinking about how to apply the base coat and the next coat. This creates less number of coats that you will have to apply. Through this, you will realize that the base coat is optional. However, you will be required to apply the top coat in either case. Just like the other polishes, you will be required to wash and prep the nails before you apply the polish. You can then apply the first coat and cure it under LED or UV light for 30 seconds only. If you want the polish to be thicker and more opaque, you will be required to apply another layer and cure it for 30 seconds. Then you will finish with a layer of Kiarasky high gloss top coat. This coat should also be treated under the same light. Have a nail wipe that is lint free and dip it in gel cleanser. Then wipe the sides of the nails to finish up the process. This ensures that there are no residues left. Removing the polish involves first buffing the nails and then soaking them in acetone for 15 to 20 minutes. You can then wipe the polish off.


Kiarasky gel polish is the kind of polish that has been endorsed by many customers. You should try this polish for the best results. It is very beneficial in that it leaves your nails strong and healthy and you will not have to waste a lot of time on it. Its application is easy and you can always apply it at home or even in the office. If you have been looking for the perfect manicure, Kiarasky gel polish is the kind to try.