LDS Dipping Powder Nails & Its Famous “French White”

When you want to choose for yourself an elegant and beautiful nail design, think of white nail designs. With the bright and sharp shades, your hands will absolutely stand out. This is an easy nail design, suitable for all skin types regardless of white or dark skin. A special feature of white nail models is that it can be easily transformed and creative, whether it is short or long nail shape, no matter what age you are and what circumstances, it is always suitable to your choice, because it is extremely delicate and elegant. Let LDS dipping powder color be your companion to create the most special nail set for you.

LDS Dipping Powder Nails & Its Famous “French White”

LDS Dipping Powder Nails

LDS color is an advanced product line with many outstandingly improved technologies, this product line belongs to Lavis Dip System, surely recently you are no longer strange to Lavis nail System products. LDS dipping powder nails have amazing durability! you can enjoy from 21 and even more than 31 days without chipping and peeling out. Ensure your nails are beautiful for a long time while also creating a foundation for natural nail growth with many good nutrients for nails. Now, your nails are not only beautiful but also strong, this beauty and durability is truly amazing and not temporary like nails using poor quality nail dip products. You can customize freely without any fear of damaging your nails’ condition. Also, the “French white” LDS dipping powder color is simply beautiful product without efforts. “French Manicure” is also acknowledged for its natural, classy ​​and fashionable look. It’s perfect and suitable for all occasions.

You can experience LDS dipping powder products at extremely good prices, it is considered the nail technology of the future, currently popular throughout the United States and currently available in many nail salons.

LDS dipping powder nails without UV or LED lamp – No sulfur – Absolutely safe for customers’ health. With LDS dipping powder color, it won’t take you a long time to do nails, it’s easier to use and easier to soak off than previous technologies, so it will bring 2 times more customers to your nail salon.

The Best White Nail Designs with “french White” LDS Dipping Powder Color

White – gold nail designs

LDS Dipping Powder Nails

Gold makes white stand out more, white is a stepping stone for gold to shine. This combination couldn’t be more perfect! Combine white dipping powder as a base for the nails and use gold nail gel polish to create small accents on small nails to enhance the luxurious and pure beauty of your hands.

Whether you end up pairing coated nails with glossy or matte gel top coats, it will give you a luxurious and elegant look. Also, if you want darker white nails, you can dip your nails more times to get the results you want!

White – silver glitter or sticker nail designs

LDS Dipping Powder Nails

You are the sweet princess, or the queen of personality. All will also be enhanced by the splendor and beauty when you use white dipping powder to create the main color layer for nails, then use silver or foil to improvise creativity on your nails. To bring uniqueness to the overall nail set, Besides, the faster and easier way is to use the available nail art stickers to stick on the nails, it’s really convenient and still very luxurious. Try out the silver and white nail designs with glitter or stickers to see their beauty.

Blue and white nail designs

LDS Dipping Powder Nails

The color blue can be both heaven and water, they are all the most sacred things. The blend of blue and white is like a blend of heaven and earth, and purity. With blue and white nail designs, you are so fresh and close to nature.

Final thought

LDS dipping powder color is an Organic line of nail beauty products, which is 100 percents made in USA, containing Calcium and Vitamin E in order to help strengthen nails, improve weak nails. When you don’t know what color nails to choose for your important nails, quickly choose “French white” LDS dipping nails, it will make you fall in love with it at first sight.